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Whole of Chelypa's aim is for providing excellent customer service so that keeps customers coming back and make them satisfied and happy.
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We are pioneer in both fields of transportation and trading. So that, we could attract many projects and finish them successfully such as cement, steel structure, potato and other goods.
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Our head office has placed in Iran, but we have several agencies in CIS countries and UAE. That's why, our offers are competing with other partners.
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Chelypa's Group has tried to hiring the expert and hard workers so that the best services would be provided to customers. So, please give us the responsibility of trade and transportation of your cargo in peace.
About Us

10+ Years Experience In Transportation & Trading

If you are looking for a transportation company that will be expert in transportation and the issue of transport documents, we are the same who you expect to find them. We are transport your cargo from departure to destination as one or several shipment methods of rail, truck and sea. Also, we are very active in trading field and have many good friends in most factories that have a business contract with them with a competitive offer. You can see our activities fields in below.

Export and Import shipment from Iran to CIS countries, Afganistan and other points (vice versa).

Transit shipment via main borders and ports from Iran to CIS countries, Afganistan and other neighboring countries (vice versa).

Transit shipment from any port in anywhere to Iran via Bandar Abbas port and other ports in another countries (UAE, China, India etc.).

Internal shipment in Iran from any port or border to other cities.

Trading of cement, potato, ... cargoes.

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Our Services

Transportation and Trading Services

Rail Shipment

We are able to provide all type of wagon and platform in Iran and CIS territories. Also, we are able to issuing of transport documents and payment of route freight in Iran and CIS countries, Afganistan and Pakistan for all shipment type such as import, export and transit. Also, we do all loading operation in departure station on wagon or platform. It's necessary to note that our offer for CIS territories is very competitive. In the otherwise, we have tracing servicedaily so that keep customers informed from location of his wagons.

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Truck Shipment

Although, the main work domain is wagon shipment but sometimes, we suggest you the truck shipment if it will be the best possible shipping method. In case of customer's request to truck shipment, we do that as the best and safest possible mood. Based on customer's cargo type (into container, bulk or packaged, Oversized and Dangerous), we can provide the suitable truck in departure and transfer the cargo to destination.

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Sea Shipment

We cooperate with good shipping lines in Bandar Abbas that we can offer us the competitive rates to each port that our customer requires from us. Based on customer's cargo type (into container, bulk or packaged, Oversized and Dangerous), we can provide the suitable ship in departure port and transfer the cargo to destination. Also, we can provide the warehouse to saving the special cargoes (even bulk) for the during time that it requires or customer requires from us.

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Air Shipment

We are able to transfer your cargo packages from Iran to anywhere that you require.

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Multimodal Shipment

Sometimes, it's necessary to transshipment of cargo from one means of transport to other ones in intermediate destination and then transfer the cargo to final destination.In Iran, we have this shipment method from factory or customer's warehouse to departure station and also in both Bandar Abba

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Trading Service

We are a foreign trade company dealing with export and import of business products from Iran to CIS and vice versa. We can provide each cargo that you would be required from key suppliers, trades and transfers (if you want) in special packing then deliver to reciever in destination.

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Why Choose Us!

A Pioneer in Transportation & Trading Services

Our aim is identification of customer's requirment and constantly striving to provide solutions for his project. Finaly, our expert workers with free consulation looking forward will handle the project with the best quality of service up to destination.








Our Projects

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Potato Project
Petrochemical Materials Project

We have many request for trade and transport of petrochemical materials export from Iran to CIS countries. We are pioneer on packing and loading of this good to wagon or truck then sending to destination with highest quality.

Potato Project
Potato Project

Potato is one of the goods that we have many experiences to trading and transport of that. We will provide the potato with the most quality from the best potato sellers. Also, we will pack the potatoes into bags and send to destination.

Automobile Project
Automobile Project

We will send the automobiles to destination if they are arrived to Iran as transit shipment.

Tile Project
Tile Project

Tile is one of the export goods that has become very popular to send for CIS cities.

Steel Projects

We are pioneer on Steel trade also transport of them. We provide this cargo from the best factories and send to destination with the suitable lashing.

Cement Project
Cement Project

Cement have the most demand in Iran. Fortunately, we trade and transport this cargo in one project together.

Bitumen Project
Bitumen Project

Iran has the good bitumen factories that they produce the bitumen with high quality. We have a contract with them, and we can supply your required cargo from there. Also, we can transport this too.

Latex Project
Latex Project

Concerning liquid and gas goods, dangerous or normal ones, we can both trade and transport of them.

Steel Structures
Steel Structures

We have many experiences to trade, transport and building of steel structures in destination specially Kazakhstan as engineered methods.

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